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BF Branded Marketer

BF Branded Marketer

BF Branded Marketer is the exclusive Caltex Branded Marketer in Limpopo. Now in its eighth year of partnership with Astron Energy, the company has been rated one of the top four branded marketers in South Africa.


This division currently services more than 30 service stations. We invest in infrastructure, equipment, branding, service delivery, as well as training and skills development. Our multi-disciplinary approach towards product and service delivery allows for an integrated solution. These offerings form the foundation on which we build lifelong partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Our greatest strengths lie in our wealth of experience, flexibility and diversity.


We empower our clients by investing in their service stations. By utilising our brands, including Caltex, Fresh Stop, Seattle Coffee, Standard Bank UCount Rewards, Delo and Havoline; our clients are able to gain a competitive edge in the market. BF Branded Marketer is the exclusive Caltex and Fresh Stop marketer in Limpopo.

Caltex Fresh Stop Seattle Coffee Standard Bank UCount Rewards Havoline Delo

We are proud to showcase a few photos of our client service stations.

DJ Filling Station

DJ Filling Station

Tritex Motorland

Tritex Motorland

Caltex Ivy Park

Caltex Ivy Park

Service delivery

Our greatest strengths lie in our wealth of experience and diversity. We deliver bottom-line results that increases our clients’ ability to succeed. Through our strategic partnerships with suppliers and service providers, we are able to offer excellent customer service. Our investment in a world class fleet offers a hands-on, highly sufficient logistical solution. This enables us to deliver our products on time, all the time.


We have offered over 1,500 hours of training to more than 500 individuals in the following programmes during the past five years:

  • Retailer Initial Training Course (RITC)
  • Customer Service Attendants (CSA)
  • Managers Training Course (MTC)


We don't have clients; we have partners. These partners gain access to our extensive resources, support, knowledge, marketing, programmes, conferences and brands when they collaborate with us.

We distribute the following fuels to Caltex retailers and commercial clients across Limpopo:

  • Caltex Diesel 50 ppm with Techron
  • Caltex Unleaded Petrol 95 with Techron²
  • Caltex Unleaded Petrol (ULP) 93 with Techron²
  • Caltex Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP) 93 with Techron²
BF Branded Marketer Corporate Video

BF Branded Marketer

Corporate Video

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