FBT Logistics

FBT Logistics

We draw on our extensive expertise, resources and technologies to deliver tailored transport solutions. Our fleet consists of 16 fuel tankers and a lowbed truck that are all regularly maintained to meet and exceed safety requirements..

FBT Logistics has a modern, extensive fleet that transports fuel products across South Africa

Our fleet collaborates with our other divisions to ensure we provide incomparable fuel distribution solutions, prompt deliveries and excellent customer service. All our trucks are equipped with the latest technology for precise and safe delivery, performance measurement and real-time monitoring.

As quality is the fibre that weaves every aspect of our business, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and experienced workforce that enables us to guarantee continuous high calibre service to our clients. Ten of our bulk truck operators have been recognised for being top Volvo Dynafleet drivers in South Africa.

Our fuel trucks

Our fuel trucks are strategically located in and around Limpopo; thereby saving our clients’ time and money. We pride ourselves in offering a 48-hour turnaround time from ordering to delivery.

Our lowbed services

We provide safe and professional transportation of heavy equipment loads and can accommodate any challenge our clients may face. We service all industries and operate countrywide.

FBT Logistics

All the products. All the time. On time.

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Contact us:

Philip Nel
T 072 704 3673
E philip@francobulk.co.za
Tanya Young
T 082 801 3697
E tanya@francobulk.co.za