Our leadership

We understand that a company is only as good as its people. That is why BF Petroleum Group’s executive team is supported by brilliant, multi-disciplinary professionals.

The Group’s reputation for quality, reliability and service excellence can be attributed to the combined efforts and dedication of these highly skilled team members. With over 200 people working at more than 10 locations across Limpopo, we acknowledge that our people are our most valuable asset.

Our leaders

Our management team has evolved to comprise of leaders who help us improve every aspect of our company; inclusive of service delivery, productivity and effectiveness. They have become part of our journey and the key to our success.

  • Tokkie Pieterse

    Tokkie Pieterse

    Group Financial Officer

    As one of its original founding members, Tokkie Pieterse has served as BF Petroleum Group’s Financial Officer since 1981. Exceeding 46 years of experience, she provides financial leadership for the group of companies and oversees its financial strategy. Prior to her career at BF Petroleum Group, Tokkie was employed at KPGM and Standard Bank. With tenacity and an unwavering commitment to her role and responsibilities, she still spearheads the Group’s finances and continues to provide valuable and unparalleled advice, leadership and knowledge.

  • Eunice Mawelewel

    Eunice Mawelewele

    Co-founder of Blackfin Petroleum and Equity Partner

    Eunice Mawelewele is Managing Director of Blackfin Petroleum, Director of BF Branded Marketer and Equity Partner. She brings more than 14 years of experience in leadership, management, banking, customer service and training in the fuel industry, and heads the Blackfin Petroleum Brand. After starting her career at BF Petroleum Group in March 2003, Eunice quickly transitioned to become an integral part of the Group’s leadership team. She is a proud member of the Friends of Frans Rasimphi Foundation.

  • Frans Pieterse Jnr

    Frans Pieterse Jnr

    Group Operating Officer

    Frans Pieterse is Chief Operating Officer of BF Petroleum Group, a position he has held since 2011. His other designations include shareholder and Director of BF Lubricants, as well as Director of BF Branded Marketer and BF Meter Verifications. He is responsible for overseeing the business operations of the Group’s brands, performance, capital investments, contracts and negotiations, amongst other responsibilities.

  • Tinus Venter

    Tinus Venter

    Group Marketing Officer and Equity Partner

    Tinus Venter is a highly skilled Group Marketing Officer and Equity Partner at BF Lubricants. With a track record of driving accelerated growth, Tinus has excelled in his field by developing an exceptional ability to recognise new business trends and propelling change. He has held numerous leadership roles, leading multi-disciplinary teams in various areas of business, including distribution, sales, marketing and general management. With more than 14 years of experience, Tinus forms an integral part of the Group. He provides leadership and strategic counsel on sales, management and marketing best practices.

  • Jaco Pieterse

    Jaco Pieterse

    Group Logistics Officer

    Jaco Pieterse is our Group Logistics Officer and the co-owner of FBT Logistics, Director of BF Branded Marketer and Member of BF Lubricants. With over 20 years of experience, Jaco plays a critical role in planning and guiding the Group’s strategic direction, as well as those of each division. His notable qualities and achievements extend far beyond his professional career.